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Being an Albuquerque REO Agent isn’t as easy as many traditional Albuquerque real estate agents would like to believe.

Just the other day an agent that focuses on traditional real estate said how easy we have it, we just get listings handed to us and I chuckled and told him he clearly doesn’t understand what it takes to be an Albuquerque REO agent. From the time we receive an asset into our inventory until we close, there is a dynamic set of tasks that must be quickly accomplished.

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New Mexico is a redemption state. Once we receive an Albuquerque REO assignment, we must immediately begin weekly asset monitoring. We maintain a full time staff to monitor properties (I actually have two full time inspectors). We typically monitor a newly acquired property for two full months before we get out of redemption and another 4-6 weeks before we get on the market depending upon if the strategy is AS IS or Repaired. Having a full time staff is vital to clients which makes us the premiere Albuquerque REO agents.

As Albuquerque REO agents, we experience many things on a daily basis, some comical, some not so comical like rattlesnakes in the yard, huge spiders (I admit I still scream like a baby), birds in the house that we must capture and release, a room full of used diapers, stripped copper, stolen appliances, occupants that threaten us, dogs that chase us and vagrants that have accosted us. We frequently encounter pets and assist finding abandoned pets new homes (we corporately support Watermelon Mountain Ranch). We handle all of these things with little fuss or ado. In reality, we are usually dealing with some form of a “situation” every week.

As an asset manager, we know that speed and accuracy are vital in the Albuquerque REO process. We understand that asset managers DEPEND on our team to get the asset successfully priced and sold in the shortest amount of time. As Albuquerque REO agents (and for ANY client we represent) our goal is to operate fast and fair, while following your guidelines; and to represent my seller honestly while treating our REO listings with the same importance that we treat ALL of our listings. This is why you should hire our team. Hire the best.

I’ve heard other Albuquerque REO Agents boast that they don’t let anyone else assist with their tasks. In our opinion, this is a complete disservice to the Albuquerque REO client. There are a mountain of tasks to be completed to properly service a REO account. No one person can do it all (and some people are better at certain tasks) and effectively run an Albuquerque REO firm. We are well funded and ready to represent your firm. Barbara Gregus Owner/Qualifying Broker is actively involved in the running of the REO team (she does not hand off the account to another agent for management).

We represent almost ALL of the large REO firms and have a dedicated staff that focuses on their needs. As a certified woman owned business, we are ready to take on your inventory. Contact us today for our professional Albuquerque REO agent’s resume.

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